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YOSHIKI, NHK “Live Ale playing “Forever Love piano!
“Live Yale , a music program linked to the NHK With Corona Project “Minna no Yale – broadcast on August 8), was featured inYOSHIKIwas decided to appear.
[Photos] Bishonen!YOSHIKI s high school era shot
YOSHIKI, for “Live Ale , from somewhere in Los AngelesHe is said to playX JAPAN s masterpiece “Forever Love on the piano.YOSHIKI s performance on TV shows has been since last year s Kohaku Uta War.
In February of this year ,YOSHIKIbegan to be affected by the new coronavirus,The decision to cancel all jobs and stay in Los Angeles.He calls for attention to the spread of the infection of the new type of coronavirus as soon as possible, and continues to actively disseminate “what I can do now from his standpoint as a musician.

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