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RADWIMPS· Noda Yojiro criticism rushed! Ana Yasumura Ana s voice of concern… controversial people – 2020/07/30 14:33 – | Saizo Woman
RADWIMPS· Noda Yojiro criticism rushed! Voice of concern to NTV-Yasumura Ana… controversial people
EDIT G It is about to end July.Without the new type of coronavirus, I would think that the whole Japanese wayway was excited at the Tokyo Olympics by now.I myself do not change anything, whether the Olympics or not.
Shi-chan, yeah.July 24 was the day when the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics was supposed to be held.On that day, on the official Instagram of “Shuichi – NTV series), Naoki Yasumura announcer, who was a chubby character, released videos and photos that were thin after a successful diet.Ana Yasumura said eight months ago, “I will diet for the Tokyo Olympics! , and he wrote, “I got a slender body, so the diet ends here once. In the video, we revealed the results of measuring 60.2 kilograms and 12.2% body fat, and said, “We lost 25 kilograms this year and 35 kilograms last year. In the photo, “It is Frappuccino, a reward for the end of the diet smiles.
Edit G Ana Yasumura longed for Arashi and Sho Sakurai, and set the “wallpaper of your smartphone to Sakurai s photos to maintain the motivation of your diet! It s amazing to do not get frustrated on the way.
In addition to the voice that praises “great , “cool , “handsome , “another person , “the previous one was better and “worry about too skinny , “Is your physical condition okay? And even those who worry.In some cases, there is an opinion that criticizes “sexual harassment if gender position is opposite for the net reaction that “skinny and handsome and “fat was better.
Edit G Well, the person himself declares the diet, and the results are also publicly announced as entertainment, so I feel that the evaluation for it may be somewhat good, but I think, nowadays there is nothing about the appearanceMaybe it s better not to touch it.
On July 25, 44-year-old Mature Gravure Idol Kazuko Iwamoto appeared at the launch event of the return of the photo book “Monologue – Shogakukan).Iwamoto, in May 2019, cut the dating men at Atami Station by cutter and arrested the current crime.About the incident in this release event, at that time, I was pregnant with the child of the dating male, and was mentally cornered by the decay the day before the incident.After the arrest seems to have entered the detention center and psychiatric hospital, the incident was judged to have been in a state of cardiac wear and tear and non-prosecution.He commented, “I don t want to have love anymore.
Edit G I didn t know well about this person or that there was such an incident.I Had Been In A Toughest Eyes…
Shi-chan About this incident, it is that a dating man conceals infidelity, Iwamoto pregnant, unilaterally uncontacted, so there are few voices of sympathy for Iwamoto.On the other hand, in the July 14 distribution article of the news site “FRIDAY Digital , Iwamoto was held in the former agency, and reported that he had caused a self-made disturbance to report 110 to the police.is there.According to the article, after the incident in Atami, the office defended Iwamoto by preparing a lawyer, but she ignored the office s attention and was interviewed only by the press during detention.The office claimed Iwamoto for the replacement of the attorney s fees and damages incurred by the cancellation of the work.
Edit G still makes a fuss, it seems that there is a fuss.Kazuko Iwamoto, Check It!

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